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50 Different High Resolution Laminated Worksheets

Over 5 years in the making, these high resolution images taken during Ian Murphy’s drawing visits around the world provide you with a wonderful insight into his observational focus, and the all-important selection process he makes.

The range of images are simply stunning. Incorporating both black & white, and full colour selections, they feature the ornate and decorative, classical and bold, and most certainly the eroded and tactile features that he searches for within every cultural journey.

These robust, professionally laminated images are designed to not only visually stimulate your staff and students, but provide you with 50 separate starting points to inspire the important drawing process. Every card also features Ian Murphy’s sketchbook drawing work, both in graphite and fine line pen on the reverse, giving your students the immediate technical knowledge to undertake their own drawing.

The hard wearing, heavy weight cards are perfect for any working art department, and wipe clean of most stains and spills. They cater for all the artists and designers in your school or college, and have already been successfully used by textile, art and design, Fine art and #D students, on GCSE, A level and International Baccalaureate programmes.

50 Different High Resolution Laminated Worksheets

Just choose the best option for you:
1. 50 High Resolution Laminated Cards £ 89
(That’s just £1.60 per sheet of card, for double sided printing and laminating)

Sold Out
2. 50 High Resolution Digital Files £ 55
(Download, Print and laminate your own)
3. 50 High Resolution Laminated Cards + CD £ 119
(The best of both worlds, a high quality resource and a digital backup)

Sold Out

The High Resolution Laminated Cards are currently OUT OF STOCK. You can get the files as digital download to print and laminate on your own.
All prices are inclusive of packaging and postage within the UK


Laminated Worksheets


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