It appears from all the email enquiries we get from teachers that our Drawing and Painting Workshops are very much in demand from all corners of the UK, and it is now our understanding that the once frozen CPD budgets are now very much accessible and are again ready to be used.

We are planning a series of workshops for the 2014-15 academic year and are currently investigating the possibility of residential and/or school based locations. If you feel that any or both of these options are of interest to you please feel free to email Nigel and confirm your interest/place.

We are due to publish full details of our courses on all our social media outlets, so please sign up to ensure that you don’t miss out on anything in your area.

What do other teachers say:

Fantastic structure to the workshop helping me to understand and create my own work, subsequently it is very easy for me to disseminate for the classroom. I was extremely inspired by Ian’s work and the way he presented the tasks and lead demos, etc, was challenging and motivating. His one to one guidance and support was insightful and pushed us to achieve better things and understand techniques/issues in detail.

K. Bramley, Southampton

Excellent workshops, exploring new techniques which will challenge students and also inform my own work. An inspiring tutor!

K. Shaw, Art Teacher, Brighton