Back in the Rothko room at the Tate modern in London at the start of a 3 day visit to the galleries. I’ve had a fantastic first day, the highlight being the Gerhard Richter exhibition “Panorama”.
It was incredible to see the diversity of his ideas from the meticulous studies inspired by his own photography to the large scale abstract canvases (photograph) created by the squeegee dragging the layers of paint across the surface. I had only ever seen fragments of his work before, but this show is beautifully put together. It’s a real inspiration to see all his ideas chronologically displayed like this; I would definitely recommend a visit.
Thought it would round off the day perfectly by visiting the Rothko room again, I always love the solitude and peace in here looking at the minimal paintings. I always remember my first ever visit here as a student back in 1980, I’ve loved it ever since.