Barcelona Day 3 – Gaudi Day

A day dedicated to the work of Antonio Gaudi. We started at the Casa de Milo and got the opportunity to have a long drawing session on the amazing roof terrace. The views through and past the curved roof lines are so weird and wonderful, but at the same time not that easy for the students to draw. Again, the strong light makes such a difference to tackling the form and structure of the organic chimneys.

Moving onto the Sagrada Familia in the afternoon and this time with the added bonus of a guided tour. The real highlight however was discovering that the inside is now free of scaffolding and you can start to appreciate his vision of the finished cathedral. Its certainly impossible for me to do it justice with my small photographs, I can only say that you should find time at some point to pay a visit.

The internal columns are modelled on trees with the roots embedded underground and the tops filtering into the roof structures to mimic the impression of light penetrating a canopy of branches and leaves.

Everything is still on a state of transition and with an estimated completion date about 20 years away there’s still plenty time to develop more spectacular features.
Certainly a must see when you come to Barcelona.