The journey north up the coast to Figueres, the location of the Salvador Dali museum, is so relaxing, and allows us a great view of the changing landscape, significantly different from the metropolis that is Barcelona.
The Spanish music on the radio though, not so clever!

I always find the work of Dali a kind of take it or leave it experience. There are works that “draw you in” and you want to discover the techniques he used, or a composition that you need to resolve at close quarters, but I also get the feeling that his artistic journey is so self indulgent at times that the visual product becomes a bit too superficial.

I must admit though my favourite part of the museum is viewing Dali’s collection of Piranesi prints. He has some of the Carceri series, and even though they are sited on one of the stair wells, it certainly makes my day more worthwhile.

In my opinion, the museum is well worth a visit if you are in this neck of the woods, or even perhaps if you have ventured down to the Perpignan region in the south of France which is a very drivable distance not too far along the coast.

Guell park, Barcelona

We ventured out to Guell park when we returned to Barcelona for a long drawing session exploring Gaudi’s amazing landscape architecture. The highlight of the day for me, although his flamboyant style is so quirky and eccentric, the mosaic sculptural forms just seem to fit perfectly in the terrain of the hillside.