I thought I would use today’s blog to give you a better look at rural India and what it’s like to travel across the country.

Almost every aspect of daily life is visible to us as we pass through the local towns and villages, and everything is carried out against an incredible background noise. Engines, horns, animals, traders shouting, indian sitar music in shacks and trucks, all compete against each other, and on top of that is the noise of our coach rattling as we drive over the road.

I should point out that I use the term road very loosely! In fact, I would say it’s difficult to choose which is the best form of transport around here. A 4×4 would be good, and with fuel a third of the UK price, not a problem seeing India on the cheap. But I think it’s difficult to beat the camel, especially the newer models with rear suspension as standard!

I think it’s safe to say that moving around India is an adventure, and most certainly, not for the faint hearted.

Time for a curry now (wish it was a steak though), and a cold one.