The floating markets

A really different focus for today, with a morning visit to the floating markets at
It’s good to get so close to the water and the foliage, travelling on the boats along the narrow waterways.


Experiencing the landscape and the local habitat is a great way to lead up to the commercial side of things at the end.
Another thing I would recommend taking in if you make this tour of Thailand is a visit to the wood crafts centres. The students loved seeing the amazing skills of the carving process. The image shows a piece being created that is already 18 months in the making, now that’s what I call a bit of concentrated effort.


The most emotional part of the day was certainly during the visit to the war museum and the bridge over the river Kwai. Seeing the terrain that the pow’s worked in, and the engineering they managed to achieve was remarkable.
The train journey over the wooden bridges was exhilarating particularly when you walked outside in the open spaces between the carriages.