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Ian Murphy art workshops for teachers, in both drawing and painting, are set up to inspire, challenge, and support every teacher. They are deliberately fast-paced and focused on the strategies, both theoretical and practical, that will extend not only your creative thinking but also fully arm you with an extended skill set to take back into the classroom to share with your colleagues and students. The day(s) are very much full of hands-on activities: the teacher becomes the student and is challenged to undertake, and hopefully enjoy, the artistic freedom associated with Ian Murphy’s creative practice.

Working beyond the national benchmark

Teachers are measured not only against their ability to be a creative spirit but in the currency that transcends every school or college; exam results. The foundation of this course is focused on the very same currency, to empower everyone with the latest thinking and technical strategies that students want to use, but also guarantees the raising of exam grades. Continued professional development comes in many facets, and this course is dedicated to a teacher’s day to day practice of teaching art to an exceptional standard, ensuring you stay ahead of the national benchmark of exam results. Attendees are from all walks of the educational circuit, ranging from heads of department wanting to refresh their technical approaches, through to NQTs who need ‘bringing up to speed’ quickly.
All the techniques and approaches to media which you will experience during the course have been part of Ian Murphy’s workshop programme for many years. The course will fully equip you with methods and realistic skills to enhance your daily practice; techniques which Ian Murphy has successfully used to work with, and extend, a vast array of exam groups from schools & colleges throughout the UK and further afield.

Ian Murphy Artist & Educator

Ian Murphy Artist & Educator

Ian Murphy’s role as an Artist and Educator has been firmly established internationally over the last 30 years, and his working practice fits within the 2D parameters of drawing, painting and printmaking. His experience crosses all the recognised art awards; GCSE, A Level, International Baccalaureate and National Diploma to name just a few, and from a teachers perspective his artistic philosophy fits perfectly into the marking criteria that is the common denominator of every course. Ian Murphy’s natural enthusiasm and passion for drawing and painting is evident in his approach, making his work both exciting and extremely accessible to students and teachers alike, and is the main reason he is very much in demand within the educational arena. The inspiration that Ian Murphy delivers is not only represented within his artwork but also in his presentation skills. He possesses a unique ability to modify his artistic language to cater for all audiences, communicating the essence of his practice to artistically stretch teachers, and the gifted and talented whilst, at the same time, ensuring that all levels of student understand his concepts and strategies.

Drawing and Mixed Media Workshops

The day begins with Ian Murphy’s introduction into his philosophy on drawing; the importance of the observation process, how he inspires students to improve their selection process and, as a consequence, create better visual decisions in their sketchbook or journal.

This is a fully ‘Hands-On’ day, and the practical sessions commence almost immediately with sketchbook practices, and quickly move to ‘development’ strategies with a focus on combining textured surfaces with energetic mark making. Throughout the workshop, each new drawing challenge will seek to extend your current practice and also reinforce new methods and techniques, with the constant aim of extending your visual language – you will embrace speed and energy in pursuit of a strong tonal outcome.

Our intention is to almost overload the day with drawing approaches whilst still focusing your creativity into a final, large scale piece. The challenge is to inspire you with processes and to formalise the experimental layers into a finished article – this way, everyone leaves fully armed with experimental samples and a powerful, atmospheric drawing to take back to the department.

Upcoming CPD Art Teacher Workshops

Saturday 16th March 2019
The King’s School

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Latest CPD Art Teacher Workshops

Dulwich College, Singapore

Saturday 3rd February 2018
Dulwich College

International School Basel

Saturday 9th December 2017
International School Basel

St Columba's School Kilmacolm

Saturday 25th November 2017
St Columba’s School

Yew Chung International School of Shanghai

Saturday 11th November 2017
Yew Chung International School

Winstanley College workshop

Saturday 16th September 2017
Winstanley College

St Richard's Catholic College

Saturday 27th May 2017
St Richard’s Catholic College

St. Andrews International School

Saturday 13th May 2017
St. Andrews International School, Sukhumvit 107

Painting and Mixed Media Workshops

These workshops are very much an extension of the Drawing and Mixed Media sessions; in fact we always recommend you attend a Drawing session prior to undertaking the experimental layering techniques in the Painting sessions. The days are very much full of hands-on activities: the teacher becomes the student and you are challenged to undertake, and hopefully enjoy, the artistic freedom associated with Ian Murphy’s creative practice.

The day is structured to challenge your approach to colour and the technical experimentation of colour art materials with mixed media surfaces, and due to the number of processes and techniques he will share with you; he will encourage you to work on multiple pieces throughout the workshop and combine image content with tactile layers.

Ian Murphy likes to experiment with both dry and wet products within his art practice, and even explore the anomalies created when oil and water based materials are layered together. His aim is always to allow the beautiful, almost accidental interactions that can occur when you are not fully in control of the mix, to be an intrinsic part of the finished painting. You will intertwine drawing and painting techniques constantly and develop a range of sample pieces that will be an integral part of moving toward a finished, larger scale outcome.

Alongside the beautiful textured surfaces, one of the key features of Ian Murphy’s work, and certainly one of the main ingredients that a lot of people love, is the way he captures mood and atmosphere. This feature translates really well between his drawing and painting processes, and through the latter stages of the workshop he will challenge you to bring together the idea of controlling the quality of light and harnessing this with your choice of colour scheme. His main aim is to put you into the position of the students in your classes, and challenge you to work with colour and tone together.

Dates or Location not quite right for you at the moment?

We will continue to search for the best locations and times for our future workshops both in the UK and international.
Register your interest and we will keep you informed about all Ian Murphy’s upcoming CPD Art Teacher Workshops.

Latest CPD Art Teacher Workshops

St Richard's Catholic College

Saturday 14th July 2018
St Richard’s Catholic College

Saturday 16th June 2018
The King’s School

St. Andrews International School

Saturday 12th May 2018
St. Andrews International School
Sukhumvit 107, Bangkok

Harrow International School

Saturday 6th May 2017
Harrow International School
Hong Kong


Ian Murphy’s mantra INSPIRE CHALLENGE SUPPORT is derived from his focus of being an Artist and Educator. The vast array of sketchbooks, drawings and paintings that he brings along to every workshop provides the INSPIRATIONAL facet, whilst the artistic CHALLENGES are very much evident throughout the day as he pushes new levels of understanding. And finally, the all important SUPPORT feature is taken care of with the online tutorials which provide everyone with 24/7 access to all the amazing techniques and processes that Ian Murphy uses everyday in his studio.

What Other Teachers Said

Wonderful, Amazing, Fantastic, Inspiring… As a teacher of 17yrs it is refreshing to attend a course of such high content and delivery. I will use every minute of the workshop back at school and it has the added benefit of inspiring the teacher as an artist themselves.
K. Johnson

Everything – all was such an insight and usable for exam and KS3.
Loved it! So important to do it yourself as you remember more. Very fast paced! Learnt a lot, very keen to try the techniques out on the kids as school.
L. McGrath

This gave me a clear outline and structure for supporting the development of students observational drawing techniques. Hands on is great, but seeing sketchbooks and examples of artwork really brings the course to life.
S. Huson

Absolutely fantastic day. Brilliant structure, course content and resources. The food was outstanding, thank you for catering for my gluten free allergy. Work, people, facilities were perfect, I have enjoyed it so much.
S. Trott

Really lovely atmosphere, Ian is very friendly and helpful.
C. Siswick

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