Ian Murphy's Galleries

Drawing Gallery

Pushing the boundaries of experimental surface textures, Ian Murphy’s compositions simply appear to emerge from the multitude of tactile layers.
The fragilities of the image complement the de-saturated media techniques that he employs, creating an exciting balance between atmospheric realism and gestural abstraction.
The Drawing Gallery will give you an insight into a range of ideas Ian Murphy has pursued over a number of years, particularly focusing on the historical architectural facades he has discovered on his journeys through Europe and the Far East. The trademark tonal and mood driven drawings really engage your visual taste buds, enticing you to view up close the tears, wrinkles and strokes associated with graphite, and the exciting mix of neutral and white papers. Visit the gallery »

Painting Gallery

The combinations of colour, tone and mixed media layers all merge and combine to give you an impression of the original location, the painted surface itself as much a part of the idea as the initial viewpoint. Ian Murphy’s practice is steeped in the ideals and philosophy’s of Romanticism, but also thrives in the energy and spontaneity of gestural expression and experimental layerings. The sense of the abstract is just as important to him as the visual identity mapped out in the initial layout.

The Painting Gallery is designed perfectly for you to discover Ian Murphy’s unique vision, engage with the immensity of the dramatic final composition and then view the macro shots of the amazing surface textures up-close. Visit the gallery »

Print Gallery

Ian Murphy’s fluid and expressive approach to mark and surface, so evident in his drawing practice, transfers beautifully to the printmaking process of etching, and it is this exploration that we have focused on within the Print gallery.

Ian Murphy works with copper in this intaglio process, combining the visual spirit from the sketchbook drawings with his passion for surface distortion. Experimenting with sugar lift, aquatint and dry point, he tries to push the tactile qualities of the metal whilst at the same time preserving the integrity of the illusion. The monochrome products are very mood driven, full of dramatic light and weather qualities, certainly reminiscent of the secluded viewpoints he seeks out on his drawing days. Visit the gallery »

Sketchbook Gallery

Ian Murphy’s selection process and desire to investigate “off the beaten track” is critical to his on-site sketchbook drawing. The time he dedicates to the initial recording really pays dividends once he returns to his studio: he never underestimates the value of those initial graphite and pen drawings once he starts with the blank canvas.

In the Sketchbook Gallery, Ian Murphy allows you to see those initial statements: the immediate and spontaneous drawings that capture the landscape, both urban and natural, in front of him. The process of
selection and viewpoint require hours of walking and careful observation, concentrated time that allows him to feel at one with the site and truly immerse himself with the complete atmosphere. Visit the gallery »

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