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Ian Murphy - Workshop in Hong KongAs a contemporary, professional artist and an experienced teacher of over 25 years Ian Murphy has a wealth of knowledge and is highly respected within art both professionally and educationally. As well as being a prolific artist one of Ian Murphy’s passions is sharing his skills, vision and enthusiasm through his role as an artist educator.

This is one of the key reasons Ian Murphy created his website, IanMurphyArtist.com. This website is packed full of great ideas for artists of all ages and abilities and has recently been expanded to incorporate educational tuition. Log on and see for yourself. It is now the perfect opportunity for you to gain access to a highly sort after artist.

We would like to take this opportunity to introduce you to the expansion of Ian Murphy’s services and the brand new products that are now available for 2012-13. Our initial aim is to combine all the features of Ian’s practice to provide comprehensive material and exciting opportunities to further “Inspire, Challenge & Support” yourself, your colleagues and of course your students. How can you do this?

Online Art Tutorials

We prepared the following options for school access to the online tutorials:

  • Option 1
  • £157
  • 20 Licences
  • 3 months Access
  • Choose
  • Option 2
  • £ 257
  • 50 Licences
  • 3 months Access
  • Choose
  • Option 3
  • £ 447
  • Unlimited
  • 1 year Access
  • Choose
  • Option 4
  • £ 597
  • Unlimited
  • 2 years Access
  • Choose

This new approach to art tuition entitled “Inspire, Challenge & Support” has been developed alongside Ian Murphy during his workshops and his personal practice in the studio and out on location. It is a unique, new idea that allows Ian Murphy to share his contemporary art with a wider audience. Our idea is to give everyone an “over the shoulder” access to all the incredible artistic processes that Ian Murphy uses, whilst providing a support structure of drawing, painting and printmaking material. This will heighten your confidence and in turn sharpen your skills.

Ian Murphy is extremely excited that he can now give you the opportunity to access his thought process with such ease. Whether you are a teacher, student or an art enthusiast the tips and ideas Ian Murphy shares are amazing. How often does a professional artist allow access to their secrets of success? Whatever your artistic ability Ian Murphy’s Online Art Tutorials have something for you.

CPD Residential Courses

A bold concept that is extremely exciting and new for 2013. These courses run all year round and encapsulate everything Ian enjoys within art. Working at beautiful locations Ian has a clear vision of how to improve your teaching practice. Continued Professional Development is a vital part of modern education and Ian Murphy embraces this fact and endeavours to make the course as interesting and personal as possible.
The course will develop your understanding, knowledge and abilities which will be tailored and relevant to your current role. Ian Murphy realises that effective CPD is appropriate to each individual and their needs.

This course will reinvigorate your creative energy and recalibrate your focus and ideas. Do you realise that students learn much more when their teachers are motivated, updated and developed?
Specifically for this course Ian’s expertise will allow you to gain strategies to work outside on location. Secondly, you will gain a further understanding of the professional mixed media drawing techniques Ian uses himself. Finally and significantly, Ian Murphy illustrates working processes from sketchbook to finished drawing that promote higher grades.


When your creative flows stops. When you need that final piece of the jigsaw. When you require that expert guidance. Why not log on to the website and email Ian your queries for fast advice. Alternatively, our helpdesk will be able to point you in the right direction.

What should you do now?

Contact us and we will get back to you to see how our services could be of use to your school or college. We can discuss how we can help you, your colleagues or your pupils on an individual basis.
We look forward to hearing from you!


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7 ideas I use in my sketchbook drawing when I am on location
I always stress the importance of my sketchbook to my creative practice - it is my constant companion whenever I travel, and it provides me the best solution to record the environment around me. I have always drawn in a sketchbook, its second nature to me, and it is one of the main things that students love to look through during my workshops. The downloadable booklet will give you an insight into the creative strategies I use when I draw in my books and hopefully it will provide you with a substantial aid to share with your students.
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