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The beauty of this series of tutorials is that you can re-visit them as often as you like and your students can access them at any time. The tutorials are so varied that no matter the content or context of their work students can absorb and assimilate what they see and make it their own.

Ian Murphy Textures

Close up cameras capture every process

What better way of capturing the enthusiasm of students, by allowing each student to see, hear and absorb those gems of knowledge most artists just won't say, Ian Murphy will open the students to a new dimension of what can be achieved.

Constant inspiration for the entire year

How do we go about maintaining the quality of every students work throughout the limited time of the exam period. With Ian Murphy you can open up your students to that Wow factor a successful artist can provide "I wish I could draw like him?"

Ian Murphy Workshops and tutorials have been successfully used in Art education for 25 years

Official recognitions by BBC, British Council "Excellent workshops, exploring new techniques which will challenge students and also inform my own work. An inspiring tutor!"
K. Shaw, Art Teacher, Brighton

Just choose the best technique for your students

Calico and Tissue & Laser cut calligraphy into the surface

...everyone asks how the surfaces have been created, this is your chance to see it up close

GCSE, A Level and International Baccalaureate Students from here in the UK, and around the world have benefitted enormously from Ian Murphy workshops and tutorials over the last 25 years. The skills and techniques fit perfectly with all the art courses; and even get disseminated to the lower school groups.

GCSE & A Level

Exam Support Material

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The tutorial begins with a combination of gestural drawing marks created with Graphite and an eraser. Additional layers accentuate the surface textures, and the fragile nature is emphasised by colour wash and scrim.
A Textile Appearance Buy This Tutorial
This tutorial focuses on the subtle layering of tonal, gestural marks and the broken quality of text, just one of the ways Ian Murphy incorporates words into his work. This process is directly inspired by the Macau drawing series that you find in the drawing gallery.
Graphite and Text Buy This Tutorial
Ian Murphy often creates a strong linear underlying movement to the surface of the canvas before he starts to paint. This tutorial illustrates the importance of these directional layers and the subsequent combinations of texture and colour.
Linear and Tactile Buy This Tutorial
Ian Murphy uses this technique in his drawing workshops; it is very popular with students looking to enhance their sketchbook studies. This is a very useful process not just for the sketchbook but for small scale developments back in the classroom
Linear paper Buy This Tutorial
A much sought after tutorial, Ian Murphy guides you through the initial expressive layers that he utilised to such great effect in his Moroccan doorway series. A very exciting approach to layering oil colour, which creates such a rich, intense linear movement to the canvas surface.
Expressive and Bold Buy This Tutorial
Ian Murphy has sought to discover new working methods throughout his career. In this tutorial he focuses on distinctive bold patterns, a technique that has been very well received by students who have joint a focus on Textiles and Art & Design
Decorative and Patterned Buy This Tutorial
An extremely well received tutorial by students and teachers alike. Ian Murphy shows you how he creates this beautifully subtle surface; the delicate calligraphy is created by the laser cutter and enhanced by a fine layer of oil paint.
Textured Calligraphy Buy This Tutorial

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