Lisa (from Hong Kong), I am a student from Sha Tin College, where you recently held a workshop session. Whilst looking through your website, I came across your painting, “The Power of Nine”. Coincidentally, the Chinese character in the middle panel, “”, happens to be my surname. I was just wondering if you could please tell me if there is any particular reason why you included this character (and “” in the bottom-left panel)? I’d like to mention it in my workbook, since it could relate to my own work. Thanks very much,
Lisa Ji

The Chinese characters I used in the painting are meant to be the description of the emotive qualities I experienced whist on the visit. My research is based on old Chinese script and “”, is apparently the symbol for “calm water”, and “” in the bottom-left panel is “sit in meditation”. I am not sure how accurate my research is now that you have pointed out the link with your name. I would appreciate it if you could correct my translation. Hope this makes some sense, and you get something out of it for your sketchbook.