Finalising your UCAS application

I am sure that most students have finalised their UCAS application by now, but I have just received a few emails of late asking for a bit of advice.

I always stress to students the importance of making their final decision after all their interviews are completed. The key areas I think you should prioritise are:
Large and constantly available studio space.
A good tutor/student contact timetable.
A comprehensive visiting artist/lecture programme.
Good workshop facilities and technical support.
and for those on design-based courses, be aware of the course programme, and their connections with industry, both local and nationally.

Without a doubt, the best way to decide on the institution is to visit and have a good look around. Ask students who are already on the course their opinion, they will tell it as it is.

I would say that if you are on an A-level, or an equivalent course, and your budget will allow it, I would recommend you go for a good foundation course first rather than direct entry to a degree. This full time year as an art student is the best way to focus your skills and channel your energy into the most appropriate discipline for you.

Please remember that you are trying to make the right decision for your artistic preferences. You want to enjoy the next three years, get good tuition, and really develop your skills as well; you are paying a lot of money for the privilege.

Good luck, and let me know of any problems that I may be able to help with.