Ian Murphy's new Art Forum


This is my first blog since the new website came online.  Apologies for some of the delays in transition but I am confident all the new developments will be worth the wait.

I hope you like all the new changes so far, I know that I am really pleased with the design of the new galleries, in particular the flick page format of the Sketchbook Gallery.  The idea is to give you an authentic feel to how I let students look through my books.

The new log-in procedure will allow you to access all the galleries and the recently added feature of the Art Forum.  My idea is to build a community of like minded artists and students of all ages.

The essence of this idea comes from my principle of sharing experiences, which has been the underlying philosophy of my website over the last seven years.  I want to encourage everyone to participate and get involved in sharing their creative processes, be they good or even traumatic.  I am working on the principle that two minds are better than one, and the answer to your artistic problem could be right here in the forum.  I know from my time giving workshops that a number of students get stuck at the same stage of a technique, and it’s easier for me to help the group all together so they can grow and develop without the feeling of insecurity.

My intention is to be able to provide you with the support that you need at the time that you need it.