Drawing And Painting Tutorials

Inspiration from the Forbidden City

The new online tutorial is the latest addition to our collection and illustrates the exciting journey from sketchbook drawing through to the mixed media layers on the development piece back in the studio. The tutorial begins with Ian Murphy’s observations from the Forbidden City in Beijing, giving you a valuable insight into the inspirational subject matter; the imposing Guardian sculptures, the mythical creatures that adorn the temple roofs, and the more intricate, but still foreboding, handles and carvings.

Sketchbook Waterfall Drawing

Sketchbook Waterfall Drawing

A fantastic sketchbook drawing tutorial filmed entirely on location at the Tilberthwaite Ghyll, in the Lake District, UK. Ian Murphy describes how he observes whilst in the landscape, and the importance he places on making the best selections from the dramatic waterfall area. The tutorial follows the composition from the tentative linear layout through to the spontaneous and energetic marks he uses to create the sense flowing water.
Waterfall Charcoal Drawing

Waterfall Charcoal Drawing

This idea was again initiated during Ian Murphy’s sketchbook session in the Lake District but this time, the tutorial focuses on the dramatic development process that he uses back in his studio. Deciding to extend the initial sketch into a large scale charcoal drawing, he guides you through the strong tonal layers he applies to the surface and the powerful sense of flowing water that is such an important feature in this piece.

Venice Perspective Drawing

Ian Murphy combines his fascination with spatial depth and the perspective challenges of the narrow, confined canal ways of Venice in this medium scale graphite drawing. This tutorial will give you a clear insight into the linear structure he uses to define his composition and the incredible tonal layers that are built into the drawing surface. A very comprehensive tutorial which will give you a clear insight into the key elements he strives to build into an architectural drawing.

Sampan, Mixed Media Drawing

An exciting large scale mixed media drawing developed from the many sketches Ian Murphy produced from his visits to China and Hong Kong. The tutorial starts with the initial loose layout in pencil and then progresses through all the applications of graphite and into the subtle layers of surface texture. As the atmosphere begins to emerge, the excitement in the image is substantiated by the inclusion of ink and calligraphy, and in the latter sections, the final marks of oil paint. A perfect tutorial for those students who want to discover a breadth of mixed media and are ready to step up to producing a large scale piece of work.
Mixed Media Drawing Tutorial - Castlefield

Industrial Landscape Mixed Media Drawing With Colour

An exciting mid/large scale drawing inspired by a visit to one of Ian Murphy’s favourite industrial locations, almost in his backyard. Thetutorial, as usual, begins with the on-site location drawing and the all-important selection process. Back in the studio Ian Murphy guides you through his development of the drawing surface and the exciting transitions created by washes of oil colour and dominant charcoal marks. This tutorial is especially suited to those students ready to attack something larger and more ambitious, especially if you have an urge to combine materials not normally associated with each other.

Fine Line Pen Drawing, Hong Kong

This concise drawing tutorial begins with Ian Murphy’s important selection process and initial sketchbook compositions produced on a drawing trip to Lamma island, Hong Kong. The tutorial then expands to the intricate processes and methods he uses to execute a small scale pen drawing, illustrating particularly the development of tone. A perfect tutorial for anyone wanting to develop their sketchbook drawing capabilities.

Fine Line pen drawing with collage - Morocco

A relatively short drawing tutorial packed with very useful surface texture/mixed media techniques. Ian Murphy produces a small scale pen drawing, inspired by a visit to Morocco, which incorporates a subtle layer of papers as a tactile base. Very useful for the student who wants to develop an understanding of surface texture, and a link from the sketchbook to the potential end piece of work.

Ornate Shadows

Ian Murphy explains how he develops a medium format, mixed media drawing, with an emphasis on creating a dramatic backlight quality. The idea is taken from a small study he produced from a location he describes as “Tintoretto’s bridge” in Venice…

Dragon Woodcut

Printmaking is very much a part of Ian Murphy’s creative studio practice and he relishes the challenge of extending his sketchbook ideas with a technical process to generate multiple images. In this tutorial he talks about his love of the woodcut process and the robust, tactile qualities used, in particular, by the Expressionists…
Venetian Doorway painting tutorial

Venetian Doorway

Venice is one of Ian’s favourite drawing locations and is the catalyst for many of his ideas. In this project he highlights the tremendous character of the confined doorways. This is a small scale painting with a confined composition and a priority of Ian’s is to guide you through the process of colour mixing…

Dragon Drawing

Learn how to develop the sense of three dimensional character. This extensive drawing is part of Ian’s series entitled Chinese Dragons. This tutorial explores how he develops the sense of three dimensional character and atmospheric shading to reach such an imposing final conclusion…

Natural & Organic Line Drawing

The first tutorial in the series starts from Ian’s sketchbook work in the Philippines. Exploring the structure, movement and shape of banana trees and leaves, he illustrates and narrates the techniques needed to create a beautiful, flowing linear composition using graphite lines to describe the twisted and intertwined character of the plant…

Wuzhen Drawing

A small scale mixed media drawing inspired by Ian’s visit to the Zhejiang Province in S.E. China. The ancient 2000 years history of Wuzhen is clear to see in the precarious stone bridges, confined waterways and narrow stone paths…
Drawing in the Snow Artt Tutorial by Ian Murphy

Drawing In The Snow

The terrain changes so much when it is covered by a blanket of snow and it’s important to maintain a high standard of observation when searching for the right compositions. Ian takes you on a tour of the winter landscape and shows you the best locations and viewpoints from which to draw…
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